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Smoking and Tobacco Use


Smoking and the use of smokeless tobacco on property owned or leased by Utica University are prohibited in all indoor areas, and in the following areas: outdoor athletic facilities including stadium and/or bleacher seating, food preparation and consumption areas, foyers, residence halls, and University-owned/leased vehicles. Users of tobacco products are encouraged to limit tobacco use to Designated Smoking Areas, but must not smoke within 20 feet of building entrances or air in-take vents. Used tobacco products must be properly disposed of.


This policy applies to all persons on or occupying Utica University property, including off-campus properties and University vehicles.


Utica University strives to provide a healthful, safe, comfortable, and attractive environment for all employees, students, and visitors. This policy is intended to achieve and maintain a smoke-free environment in accordance with the New York State Public Health Law Article 13E, Section 1399-O, which states that, “Smoking shall not be permitted and no person shall smoke in all public and private colleges, universities, and other educational and vocational institutions.” Furthermore, based upon the negative health effects of smokeless tobacco and on the recommendation of the American College Health Association, it is also the policy of Utica University to restrict the use of smokeless tobacco as defined in the policy.


All persons who wish to smoke on Utica University property, whether owned or leased, are encouraged to limit their use to designated smoking areas (see below) with appropriate ash receptacles. Tobacco product butts must be properly disposed of in ash receptacles, and other used tobacco products should be disposed of in a closed container in trash receptacles. Additional ash receptacles (see below) have been provided to enable smokers to deposit tobacco product butts before entering buildings. However these areas are not designated smoking areas.

Complaints or violations should be reported to the Office of Campus Safety.


It is the responsibility of all persons on University grounds or in Utica University owned or leased property to comply with the University’s smoking and tobacco use policy. It is also the responsibility of all persons on the Utica University campus to report any non-compliance issues to the Office of Campus Safety. It is the responsibility of the Office of Campus Safety to enforce the policy throughout the campus and to investigate compliance issues. It is the responsibility of each supervisor to communicate this information to his/her employees. Students are provided this policy in the Student Handbook. Persons on campus for events that have been scheduled through the Office of Corporate and Professional Programs will be notified of the policy by that office. It is the responsibility of the University to announce this policy at public lectures, performances, and athletic events.


Enforcement of Utica University policies is the responsibility of the office or offices listed in the “Resources/Questions” section of each policy. The responsible office will contact the appropriate authority regarding faculty or staff members, students, vendors, or visitors who violate policies.

Utica University acknowledges that University policies may not anticipate every possible issue that may arise. The University therefore reserves the right to make reasonable and relevant decisions regarding the enforcement of this policy. All such decisions must be approved by an officer of the University (i.e. president, vice president for academic affairs, or vice president for financial affairs).


The director of human resources, in consultation with the Student Health Center staff, will schedule smoking cessation classes for employees and students who wish to avail themselves of such classes.

For any questions or additional information, please contact the Office of Environmental Health and Conservation.

Please note that other Utica University policies may apply or be related to this policy. To search for related policies, use the Keyword Search function of the online policy manual.]

Designated Smoking Areas

Utica University has provided the following designated smoking areas for the convenience of those wishing to smoke. All designated smoking areas have ash receptacles, which may be wall-mounted or post-mounted and labeled “Designated Smoking Area.” The designated smoking areas are:
  • Gannett Library, front, right side at pillar
  • DePerno Hall, ground level, field side, at both corner pillars
  • DePerno Hall, pillar near door facing Strebel Student Center
  • Hubbard Hall, along sidewalk, away from double doors, quad side of building
  • Hubbard Hall, outside on grass, near Room 109, northeast corner of building
  • Hubbard Hall, along sidewalk headed toward Facilities Management building
  • Gordon Science Center, patio area, near greenhouse, top of stairs
  • Faculty Center, along sidewalk, main entrance
  • Boehlert Hall, back, outside of conference room door on patio
  • Boehlert Hall, back, along sidewalk to back door
  • North Hall, back of building, along sidewalk
  • North Hall, north end of building near custodial break room
  • South Hall, back of building, along sidewalk
  • Alumni Hall, back of building (quad side), along sidewalk
  • Bell Hall, along ramp way left side of main entrance
  • Tower Hall, front of building along main sidewalk
  • Burrstone House, front of building, left side, under overhang
  • Strebel Student Center: back of building, through doors near Pioneer Café, to right
  • Gaetano Athletic Stadium, opposite concession stand, along grass
  • Clark Athletic Center, around corner from back exit near parking lot
  • Facilities Management building, southeast corner
  • Champlain House, just before ramp, along sidewalk
In addition, all off-campus properties have designated smoking areas.

Additional Ash Receptacles

These receptacles are provided to enable smokers to deposit tobacco product butts before entering buildings, but are not located in designated smoking areas and are labeled “No Smoking Beyond This Point.”
  • Outside northwest door of Gordon Science Center
  • Outside northeast door of Gordon Science Center
  • Along sidewalk south east corner of Hubbard Hall
  • Front approach to Addison Miller White Hall, right side, along sidewalk
  • Front approach to Addison Miller White Hall, left side, along sidewalk, near Gordon Science Center sidewalk
  • Front of Clark Athletic Center on pillars
  • Front of Strebel Student Center on pillar
  • Approach to Strebel Student Center along sidewalk ground floor
  • Front approach to North Hall, along sidewalk
  • Front approach to New Hall, along sidewalk
  • Front approach to South Hall, along sidewalk
Effective Date: 07/25/2007
Date Last Revised: 09/16/2014
Revision Promulgation Date: 09/17/2014

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