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1. Governance/Legal

1.1 Creation and Issuance of University Policies

1.3 Credit Card Marketing

1.4 Lobbying in New York State

1.5 Political Activity on the Utica University Campus

1.6 Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention

1.7 Sexual Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Policy

1.8 Interaction with Minors

1.9 Safe Drivers Program

2. Academic/Research

2.1 Honorary Degrees

2.2 External Grants

3. Facilities

3.1 Smoking and Tobacco Use

3.2 Animals on University Property

4. Financial Management

4.1 Reporting of Suspicious Financial Activity

4.10 Gift Acceptance Policies

4.2 Petty Cash

4.3 Purchasing and Accounts Payable

4.4 Business Travel and Entertainment

4.5 Bidding

4.6 Faculty Development Funds

4.8 Solicitation

4.9 Fundraising Activities and Practices

W.02 Records Retention

5. Information Technology

5.0 User Accounts

5.1 Downtime

5.2 Computer Passwords

5.3 Computer Equipment Purchases and Scheduled Replacement

5.4 Vulnerability and Risk Assessment

5.5 Responsible Use of University Computing Resources

5.6 Copyright and Peer-to-Peer File Sharing

5.7 Utica University Email

5.8 Data Breach Notification

5.9 Data Security and Classification

L.02 Software Policy

6. Human Resources

6.1 Employee Code of Conduct

6.2 Family and Medical Leave Act

6.3 Drug-Free Workplace

6.4 Uniformed Services Leave

6.6 Alternative Work Arrangements

6.6 Overtime

6.7 Essential Personnel

6.8 NYS Paid Family Leave

L.01 Bias Related Crimes Policy

L.03 Hazing

L.04 Inclement Weather and Cancellations

L.05 Investigation of Violent Felony Offenses

L.07 Vacation Leave Policy for Exempt (Administrative) Employees

L.08 Vacation Leave Policy for Non-exempt (Hourly) Employees

L.09 Notice of Privacy Practices for Utica University

L.14 Bereavement Leave

L.15 Domestic Partner Policy

7. Student Services

7.2 Posting

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